University of Sheffield

Layout optimization is a great tool for identifying mathematically optimal forms. By coupling this with geometry optimization, and a user interface which makes it easy to make changes, the LimitState team have created a really powerful design tool.
— Dr Chris Smith, Researcher, University of Sheffield, UK.

Bloodhound supersonic car air brake hinge component optimized using LimitState:FORM

The University of Sheffield used a development version of LimitState:FORM extensively during an optimization study of an air brake hinge for the Bloodhound supersonic car project.

During the planned 1000mph land speed record attempt each deployed air-brake hinge will be subjected to aerodynamic drag forces, with a total of five separate load cases considered in the optimization, designed to help keep the structural weight of the car to a minimum.

In the redesigned truss based component required 69 % less material compared with the original component.

Full details are available in this technical paper.

Experience gained in this study led to a number of key features being added LimitState:FORM, including: (i) geometry optimization rationalization of the form initially obtained via layout optimization; (ii) interactive geometry editing capability; (iii) global stability (bucking) validation of the solutions obtained.

Sample design obtained using LimitState:FORM