Magna Parva Ltd

The component

As part of a satellite, Isostatic Mounts (ISM) provide the mechanical interface between a payload and the spacecraft. They attenuate shock propagation and maintain a set offset between the two objects.  Here, LimitState:FORM was used to assist in the re-design of a telescope ISM for Magna Parva Ltd. Optimization of the central load-carrying section resulted in a 32% reduction in structural volume while also providing enhanced out-of-plane resistance when compared to the original design. The component was subsequently constructed out of Ti6-4 alloy using additive manufacturing techniques.

The organization

Magna Parva provide engineering services to the space sector whilst developing unique, innovative market disruptive technologies. They employ an experienced team of design, development, systems, assembly, integration, verification, test engineers and have a strong heritage delivering not only R&D developments but also commercial mission critical services.