LimitState:FORM is a powerful optimization tool that enables engineers to develop lighter, more efficient, designs for components and structures, with a fast and productive workflow.

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LimitState:FORM enables a rapid process to a final design ready for manufacture. 

The software generates high level, easily editable, CAD models - rather than uneven meshes. As a result, an optimized form can be easily interpreted, and quickly edited and analysed, using integrated high level CAD and analysis tools.

LimitState:FORM brings these unique capabilities because it uses layout and geometry optimization technology, rather than conventional topology optimization techniques. This technology is of particular benefit for problems with significant design freedom, when truss-like forms are usually found to be most efficient.

Also, optimization typically takes seconds or minutes rather than the hours or days associated with topology optimization. Optimized forms are easy to interpret and re-engineer. Many common analysis tasks can be performed immediately, and output is file-compatible with commonly used CAD and FEA tools.  

These advantages mean that LimitState:FORM accelerates the overall workflow from optimization to design review, to manufacturing readiness, and makes engineers much more productive.  As a result, LimitState:FORM is the ideal tool for those seeking to take advantage of the design freedoms associated with additive manufacturing. 

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Rapid, high-fidelity, optimization 
  • Ability to refine design solutions, if needed


  • Reporting of structural efficiency
  • Range of built-in validation tools
  • High level CAD output

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