LimitState:FORM v3.4 out now - up to 9x faster!

Major update to LimitState's innovative design optimization software - includes significant solver and workflow speed-ups.

LimitState are pleased to announce the release of version 3.4 of our revolutionary layout driven design optimization tool, LimitState:FORM, which is now available for download.

Enhancements include:

  • Substantial speed increases. Although previous versions of LimitState:FORM delivered designs in far less time than other tools in the marketplace, the software is now even faster. When tested on over 200 optimization problems, average solve time was found to be almost 5x faster than previous versions, with 2nd stage geometry optimization refinement seeing a 9x speed-up on average. Not only does this mean that the initial optimization is quicker, but post-solve editing and simplification operations now take much less time.

  • The structural simplification tools have been improved and their capability expanded. Significant under the hood enhancements to the editing and filtering algorithms mean that both in-solve and post-process rationalization is now much faster and more dependable. We’ve also added features to automatically identify and treat element crossovers and joints in close proximity in the optimized structure.

  • There have also been many improvements to the interface and output to make the user experience even better.

A full rundown of the features of LimitState:FORM 3.4 can be found in the Release History.

Example: Robot end of arm tool optimization

Watch now

See how LimitState:FORM 3.4 was used to optimize the design of the clamps on a robot end of arm tool. From defined problem to finalized component in under 90 seconds.