LimitState:FORM Design Optimization Software - New Version to Launch at TCT Show 2017

Version 3.1 of LimitState:FORM will be launched at the forthcoming TCT Show 2017 (September 26-28, NEC, Birmingham, UK, Stand A39).


LimitState:FORM significantly reduces the time and effort needed to design strong and light truss forms for components and structures. The new version includes a number of new features and enhancements including:

Is fast optimization and real-time simulation the future of design?

  • The ability to specify in advance the desired simplicity of an optimized component form, e.g. the target maximum number of members meeting at a joint.
  • Enhanced editing capability: new algorithms mean that users can now much more freely interact with an initially optimized component, adding and/or removing members to customize their design as necessary.

Dr Tom Pritchard, Principal Engineer at LimitState, will showcase the technology at 14:10 on 27 September on the TCT Product Stage, explaining how the layout optimization technology employed by LimitState:FORM can reduce the time required to optimize components from hours or days to a matter of minutes. He we will also demonstrate how LimitState:FORM can be used as a plugin to ANSYS Discovery Live, a recently announced real-time simulation tool which allows engineers to immediately see the influence of CAD edits on stresses and/or flow dynamics. He will explain why this provides a potent combination for the designers of additively manufactured components.

"Designers wishing to take full advantage of the design freedom associated with additive manufacturing have been held back by software, but this is now changing. At LimitState our focus is on empowering designers to develop more intelligent designs, in as short as possible time."

Matthew Gilbert, Managing Director, LimitState.

About LimitState:FORM


LimitState:FORM is a powerful software application for engineers who want to quickly design strong and light components and structures. The software is the ideal tool for exploiting the design freedoms associated with additive manufacturing. It automatically identifies minimum-weight truss designs for specified material stress or deflection limits and employs high-level CAD geometries rather than low-level meshes.

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About LimitState

LimitState was established in 2006 as an engineering software house specializing in encapsulating cutting-edge optimization techniques in engineering analysis and design software. With a track record of delivering class-leading software products, our tools are used by many of the world's largest and most innovative engineering firms, in over 30 countries globally.

Our core software products use cutting edge computational techniques originated in the University of Sheffield, UK, giving our products unique capabilities. The academic co-founders of the company remain committed to ensuring that the fruits of their research are made available to practising engineers in the form of easy to use software applications.

About TCT

The TCT Show is the UK’s annual showcase of 3D technologies for product development, manufacturing and engineering. Taking place for the 22nd time, the event features a host of world-class speakers, global technology releases and multiple European and UK debuts for new 3D technologies and their applications. The event never fails to draw the global 3D tech world’s focus, with a crowd of manufacturers, designers, business leaders, early adopters, innovators and investors keen to see tomorrow’s manufacturing technology today.

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