LimitState release LimitState:FORM v3.2

Latest version of layout optimization software includes a range of benefit-rich features to help accelerate workflow.

LimitState is pleased to announce the latest release of LimitState:FORM, our powerful layout optimization tool. LimitState:FORM is designed help engineers and designers to rapidly predict the optimum layout of components and structures – minimizing workflow disruption and enabling a rapid journey from specification to manufacture.

"Engineers benefit greatly from the smooth design optimization workflow possible with LimitState:FORM, free from the bottlenecks associated with other tools. It is the ideal tool for those seeking to take advantage of the design freedoms associated with additive manufacturing", says Matthew Gilbert, Managing Director at LimitState.

    Updates in the LimitState:FORM 3.2 release include:

    • An improved workflow that makes the user editing experience more intuitive. Changes include the introduction of a lock/unlock mechanism that freezes input data and prevents editing once a layout optimization has been undertaken. Also other features are now enabled / disabled according to the stage of the optimization.
    • The output stream has been enhanced, making the current status of the optimization process clearer to users.
    • We've also made a number of improvements under the hood to increase the speed and reliability of the solve process.

    A full rundown of the features of LimitState:FORM 3.2 can be found in the Release History.