First public webinar on LimitState:FORM

We are delighted to announce the first public webinar showcasing a genuine breakthrough in design optimization technology: LimitState:FORM.

Based on layout and geometry optimization, LimitState:FORM delivers high fidelity optimization and fast workflow. Engineers now have a powerful alternative to topology optimization. No longer is there a need for time-consuming and frustrating mesh interpretation and remodelling.

We are running the first public demonstration of the technology in a webinar on Friday 15th July at 12.30 BST. 

Please sign up here. 

The webinar will show how LimitState:FORM can help design engineers to: 

  • Take your everyday CAD files and automatically identify minimum-weight lattice designs for specified material stress or deflection limits.
  • Optimize models quickly, in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Optimize a model without the need to identify an appropriate volume fraction via trial and error.
  • Generate stronger and lighter components, especially when there is significant design freedom.
  • Work with high level parametric models - rather than a low level mesh.
  • Use a rich set of editing tools to refine the model and re-optimize if required - in one fluid workflow.

For any engineer seeking to exploit the design freedom of additive manufacturing, this is the ideal tool. We look forward to sharing this new technology with you at the webinar.