LimitState:FORM v2.0.5 update available to download

LimitState:FORM v2.0.5 allows the specification of loads along the axis of a cylinder

LimitState:FORM v2.0.5 allows the specification of loads along the axis of a cylinder

LimitState is pleased to announce that we have released a new version of our LimitState:FORM optimization software.

Following feedback from design engineers working in high profile organisations in the aerospace, defence and automotive industries, we have delivered some significant enhancements within Version 2.0.5.

Edge clearance: Users can now specify edge clearance values for elements within the design domain, helping to mitigate shearing failure in elements that connect to a solid block.

Assembly compatibility: Directly addressing a common user need, we've included the ability to optimize at component level within an assembly, rather than at the top level of the structure tree. 

Add joints: We've added the capability to specify joints at user-defined locations during the refinement stage, making the process even more flexible and powerful than ever before. 

Settings for joint expansion factor: The settings for joint expansion when in additive manufacture mode have been exposed, enabling even more control over geometry and efficient solutions to be created.

Apply loads through the centreline axis of a cylinder: Define loads along the axis of a cylindrical solid (such as a washer) simply by hovering over the centre line and clicking. The software will automatically associate the load with the solid.

Version 2.0.5 is a maintenance release and we are sharing it with all our customers. A full list of enhancements and bug fixes is here.

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