LimitState:FORM provides a fast and highly effective way for engineers to develop lighter, more efficient, designs for components and structures.

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LimitState:FORM generates designs that are either ready for manufacture, or can be made so quickly and easily using integrated CAD functionality.

LimitState:FORM uses optimization techniques, not available in other software, to identify an optimized design in minutes - not hours or days as with some other tools.

The software generates parametric CAD models that do not need significant interpretation and re-engineering prior to manufacture - in contrast to the uneven meshes produced by some other tools. This makes the overall workflow much faster.  

LimitState:FORM is the ideal tool for those seeking to take advantage of the design freedoms of additive manufacturing,

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Rapid, high-fidelity, optimization 
  • Ability to refine design solutions, if needed
  • Reporting of structural efficiency
  • Built-in validation tools to check global stability
  • Parametric CAD (or mesh) output

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